About Us


A digital agency that puts you first

VampGroup was originally conceived in Blackpool by two of our directors who wanted to start a web company that operated on a fairer basis.

Following on from the success of MediaVamp we decided to reach out into other areas of IT that we thought could benefit from a fairer, local company.  

UX UI and Programming development technology.

A Few of Our Clients

We are here to help you

We offer a personal touch to all our projects. Understanding your business, is our business.

How do we work?

Stage One: Consultation
We first start our work by sitting down for a free no obligation consultation meeting with you. We will sit and understand you, your business, and what exactly you are trying to achieve.
Stage Two: Internal Planning
After our initial consultation our team will go away to work on a plan. We will find the best solutions we can for you and check compatibility with your current business processes.
Stage Three: Estimate and Proposal
Once we are ready we will be in touch with you to schedule another call to go through an estimate and proposal. Here we will lay out all estimated costs, a timescale and answer any questions you might have.
Stage Four: Implement
If you agree to our estimate and proposal we will get to work as planned during our meeting. Depending on the services you've requested this might have a few different steps, but this will be explained and agreed during stage three.
Stage Five: Support
We don't sell, plan, or implement any solution we do not support. VampGroup will always work alongside you and your business to ensure you are getting the best out of your equipment, and to remedy any problems you might experience.

Talk to us today to see how we can help you...