Investing in a more connected , people controlled , cost effective , open source digital future

Our Plan

VampGroup is utilising the Helium People’s Network to offer a new kind of data coverage. This coverage is super long range and offers data connection for multiple different LoRaWAN enabled devices. 

We’re furthering this by not only rolling out the connection, but building software for use by areas covered. Creating new, robust, cost effective solutions for businesses and individuals.

The LoRaWAN network will also open new opportunities for businesses to have digital coverage where mobile signal might be weak and expensive to boost. 

Current Focus Points

Blackpool Coverage
Wyre Coverage

Get Involved

We are looking to expand our coverage and roll our hotspots out around the United Kingdom. Our current focus points are Blackpool and Wyre.

If you live or own property in one of these areas and are interested in earning a passive income by hosting one of our hotspots please reach out to us. 

If you have an idea that you want to bring into the Helium network but don’t have the knowhow to get it launched, bring your idea to us and we can help make it a reality.

Want to get involved?